Everard & Wang Jewellery blend Western and Oriental aesthetics into a range of individual, elegant and sensual handmade jewellery for women from all walks of life worldwide.  Our pieces are designed and produced using predominantly pearls, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and gold plated sterling silver.  Everard & Wang produce bespoke pieces all at superior standards allowing us to individually choose the stones, pearls, or metals used to ensure that each piece or set is unique

Wang Lei
A native of Wuhan City China, Wang Lei has lived studied and worked in Beijing from 1994. In Beijing Wang Lei studied with a particular emphasis on dance including many of the ethnic minority dances. Upon graduation, she worked with a performing arts company, touring extensively in China and elsewhere until 2004.

In 2003, she became a partner in the first clothing and jewellery boutique store in the now very trendy Hou Hai area of Beijing.  This shop was widely known for its unique collections, and individual style, and has been extensively featured in many Chinese fashion and lifestyle magazines and TV programmes.  Wang Lei was the chief buyer and became the creative driving force behind the unique style, character and individuality that was characteristic of the boutique.

To fully satisfy her creative energies, Wang Lei decided that designing jewellery, already a passion of hers', would become her true focus in life.  She dedicated her time to jewellery design, where she has excelled in creating truly beautiful, elegant, individual jewellery.

Wang Lei has been designing, buying, and selling jewellery for many years before becoming a founding partner and Creative Director of Everard & Wang.






Ariel Welby-Everard 

A native of London and resident of China for over ten years, Ariel has extensive experience gained in sales and marketing, management and customer services for large and small enterprises within Europe, North America and Asia.  As Managing Director of Everard & Wang, Ariel is responsible for sales and marketing and customer services for all aspects of the business.