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China Young Designer Fashion Week opening show

Wang Lei on the red carpet of China Young Designer Fashion Week opening show.

Fashion Weekly are sponsoring, in co-operation with Seasons Place (home of Lane Crawford in Beijing) and Sina Weibo (as media partner), the first China Young Designer Fashion Week.  The format is a week of fashion shows from 3rd to 8th July 2011 for each of the 6 fashion designers chosen followed by an exhibition from 11th or 15th July 2011 for each of the 6 jewellery designers chosen, all held at Seasons Place, Financial Street, Beijing.  We are co-operating with designer label Chic Utopia by providing a number of our outstanding jewellery designs for the catwalk show on the 7th as well as looking at helping a number of other designers in their shows.

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  • Chelsia

    This is way more beautiful than anything else I’ve looked at.

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